Advantages of SQL Server 2017

Posted on 05/03/2019

Advantages of SQL Server 2017
As IT managers of organisations large and small know, your database server can be one of the vital
components in an IT infrastructure. Get it wrong, and you could be looking at the unwanted issues of
downtime and spiralling costs.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 offers many benefits to commercial entities, helping to keep companies
'ticking over', as well as providing them with a competitive edge. In this blog, we take a look at
exactly what SQL Server 2017 brings to the table:

Reduce running costs

You can expect to save a pretty penny with SQL Server 2017, compared to earlier versions. That's
because Microsoft has put a lot of thought into the way in which hybrid cloud models work, and has
come up with new ways of accessing data stored on both on-premises servers, as well as on the
cloud. This is evidenced by flexible features such as Stretch Database.

Enhanced performance

It is some claim to say that you have become 100 times faster, but that is exactly what SQL Server
2017 has the capability of achieving when responding to some queries. Transaction speeds alone
have enjoyed a speed boost of up to 30 times when compared to previous versions. All this goes
towards saving you and your team time when it comes to data processing tasks.

Mac OS and Linux come to the party!

SQL Server 2017 is a big winner in terms of cross-platform compatibility, being the first version of
the relational database management system to support Mac OS Linux and Docker containers. So
even if you aren't using a Windows operating system, there's still every reason to consider the
benefits of SQL Server 2017. For existing SQL Server 2017 users who had found themselves tied to
Windows, the shackles can now be removed!

Improved data science and statistical capabilities

SQL Server 2017 incorporates both Enhanced R-Open and Python, expanding your data analytics
armoury and increasing the number of data access opportunities. There is an Advanced Analytics
feature which puts businesses on the path to making the analytical insights which can really count
when enhancing operational efficiency. Whether you want to revolutionise your inventory
management, or tighten up the performance of your database itself, SQL Server 2017 now offers
you the means of doing so.

Tighter security

As we store an increasing volume of data, security becomes more and more of a priority. SQL
Server 2017 includes encryption barriers which can help to protect your organisation against the
threat of malicious parties online, giving you an enhanced level of security from previous versions.
You also have the dynamic data masking feature on your side, and the availability features
contained within SQL Server 2017 can provide backup in the scenario of disaster recovery and

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